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How I got tech support scammers infected with Locky

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tech support scam webpage

A few days ago, I received a panicked call from my parents who had somehow managed to land on a (now defunct) web page (snapshot here) claiming they had been infected by Zeus. This horrible HTML aggregate had it all: audio message with autoplay, endless JavaScript alerts, a blue background with cryptic file names throwing us back to Windows' BSoD days, and yet somehow it displayed a random IP address instead of the visitor's one.

First call:

After everyone had a good laugh on Twitter, I decided I would give them a call to know more about what they hoped to accomplish. So I fire up an old Windows XP VM, and get in touch with the "tech support". I am greeted with a pre-recorded message, then Patricia is kind enough to anwser my call. I immediately try to get her hopes up by telling her that I'm a businessman working on an important, high-figure contract, and that time is of the essence. Sadly, it turns out that her French is quite poor so going off-script is a no-no. She guides me through the steps needed to download some kind of remote-assistance client: Windows+R, type in iexplore, jump through a few more hoops and run whatever executable is offered to you. From what I gather, this is actually a legitimate tech-support program, it being digitally signed and all.

The fun starts now. Patricia fires off cmd.exe after failing to recognize OllyDbg and IDA's icons on the desktop. In what I can only assume is a ploy to establish her technical expertise, she runs dir /s and tells me that the dates match my logins on this system and the files are all the documents I accessed. I feign amazement. Meanwhile, I stealthily send a CTRL+C into the terminal so we can go on with our lives. Patricia then types "1452 virus found", then "ip hacked", and asks me which antivirus software I'm using. None, I reply: they're too expensive and @taviso keeps breaking them anyway. The reference is lost on her but she chastises me nonetheless. Then something weird happens. She tells me that I'm at the end of my 15 minutes of free support and that she's calling me back so I don't have to pay. A few minutes later, I do indeed receive a call from a phone number in Pennsylvania (+1-267-460-7257). She goes back to berating me about my apparent disregard for basic computer hygiene. In the end, she reaches the following conclusion: my computer has been infected, and now it needs to be cleaned up. I'm encouraged to buy either ANTI SPY or ANTI TROJAN, for the measly sum of $189.90. Before I have the opportunity to get my credit card, she goes back to the terminal, runs netstat and tells me that there's someone connected to my machine at this very moment.

"Look! In the terminal! 1452 viruses found! Command not found also indicates that your machine is infected!"
By the way, I believe to be their real IP address.

— Isn't that you? I ask. This says it's someone from Delhi.
An awkward pause follows. She tells me that she's actually the "localhost" line, because localhost means secure connexion. I fight back:
— Are you sure? I thought localhost meant the local machine.
She mumbles a little then proceeds to read me that whole section of her script again, asserting once again that this other IP belongs to a some who lives in Delhi like her but is a totally different person - a malicious hacker. I am not kidding you. We go back to the software she's trying to push.
— All right, I'll buy it, I say. Where can I purchase it in Paris?
Now she sounds quite annoyed.
— I don't know if you can find it in Paris, she replies with her choppy French accent. This is an exclusive software distributed only through Microsoft's premium partners and Microsoft's secure channels.
— Oh, so I just have to get it from then?
— ...Yes.
— Okay then.
— Okay.
— ...
— Did you have any other questions ? No ? Bye then.

Second call:

I assume that this is not how you scam people. She must have been a scammer trainee or something. At this point I realize that some of the screenshots I had taken were no good, so I wait half an hour or so and I call again. I was expecting to talk to the same person and tell her that I couldn't find anything on Microsoft's website, but it's someone new (Dileep) and I have to sit through the whole procedure once more. Dileep seems much more familiar with his script, and he adds some nice details such as showing me that my machine has a lot of stopped services which is "totally not normal". He goes on to tell me that my machine is infected as well, that he just cleaned it for free but he recommends that I purchase a Tech Protection subscription so I don't get viruses ever again. This package costs €299.99 which is way more expensive than Patricia's, but I assume that's because he sounds more experienced. I agree to purchase his package and find test credit card numbers as fast as I can. For obvious reasons, the payment processor rejects the transaction and we try again four or five times. In the end, I suggest using my second credit card and give him another random yet valid (as far as the Luhn algorithm is concerned) number. Dileep makes me repeat both payment details at least ten times and I play dumb. He calls his superior in the hopes of figuring out why the payment isn't going through. In the meantime, I hear other operators in the background repeating credit card numbers and CVVs aloud. I'm assuming they're not PCI-DSS compliant. That's when I'm hit by a stroke of genius. I open my "junk" e-mail folder where I find many samples of the latest Locky campaign - those .zip files containing a JS script which downloads ransomware. I grab one at random, drag it into the VM. The remote-assistance client I installed has a feature allowing me to send files to the operator. I upload him the archive and say:
— I took a photo of my credit card, why don't you input the numbers yourself? Maybe that'll work.
At first, Dileep ignores me. He makes me type in my information a few more times (he's persistent, I'll give him that), until I put my foot down:
— Look, Dileep, I'm old and my sight is not so good. It's starting to hurt, having to squint to read those tiny numbers. Also, we've established I'm no good with computers, how about you give me a hand here?
He says nothing for a short while, and then:
— I tried opening your photo, nothing happens.
I do my best not to burst out laughing.
— Are you sure? Sometimes my pictures have a problem opening on MacOS, are you on Windows?
— Yes, he replies. Your pictures are corrupted because your computer is infected. This is why we need to take care of this.

And while a background process quietly encrypts his files, we try paying a couple more times with those random CC numbers and he finally gives up, suggesting that I contact my bank and promising to call me back next Monday.

In conclusion, whenever one stumbles on an obvious scam, the civic thing to do is to act like you buy it. Rationale: scammers don't have the time to separate legitimate mugus from the ones who just pretend. Their business model relies on the fact that only gullible people will reply. Now were they spammed back, their workload would increase so much that scamming wouldn't be a profitable activity anymore. So if you're a French speaker, you should definitely take 15 minutes of your time, call them at +339 75 18 77 63 and try to social engineer them into doing something funny.


Interesting that they're using Bomgar - that is NOT a cheap remote support tool. But more importantly - wasting their time aside -

Have you contacted their ISP's abuse address? Their webhost's abuse address?

Have you contacted various authorities regarding the company EasyTechy (Techvedic)?

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I'm in the process of doing all of this.
At the moment, my ADSL connection is suffering from all the traffic coming from Reddit, so I'm having a hard time getting things done!

The Reddit 'Hug of Death'!!

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Here are their company details including owner and director information

You can file a complaint with the Delhi Cyber Cell - details are at -

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It's likely they're on a trial of Bomgar, or they signed up for the service with scammed credit card info.

I previously worked for a different remote access provider, and we'd kick these guys off our service 2 or 3 times a month. It got to the point where we basically had to disallow all web purchases from that region, and set up all accounts through sales directly. Fortunately, they were pretty transparent when they had to actually talk to us.

i would guess they use bomgar because its really easy to get connected and doesnt require a lot of plugins. their users probably would struggle with something like webex. im surprised they can afford it though because youre right, its not cheap

Scamming is more profitable than you can imagine.
The online black market economy is in the range of billions of dollars per year. Even a small piece of the pie is in the millions.

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I urge you to check out this is an excellent strategy to shut down the scammers. You are doing the world a great service!

All i have to say is that... this is amazing genius! i hope that there machine have been affected by the ransomware! if i get any similar calls i shall do the same.

Hats off to you, Sir!
Well done!


That website is operated by South African scammers and has been for years.

What? Can you elaborate?

Nice try, nigerian prince.

One of my wife's dearest friends fell victim to this scam. She is not computer savvy. She is really good and trusting person. I've been rather angry about it ever since. Afterwards, she got concerned and called me. I explained how the support scam worked to her in layman's terms. I've been hoping for a call myself. I have a nice BeEF-ed up website I could use their assistance with.

I sent one of the scammers fake wire transfer documents. When I got tired of stringing him along I ask him to go take a hike. The poor fool kept checking his bank.

I wonder if that really worked. A ransomware my neighbor encoutered was intercepted by Windows 10 within days of the email receive date.

I did something similar. Wrote a batch script that launched 5 instances of IE that went to the top 5 known sites with the drive-by variant. Compiled it into a .exe, changed icon to the Wells Fargo emblem and renamed My Digital Locker. Now we wait...

Bravo, excellente et instructive manoeuvre!

lol, did you call back ?

Well done ! As a techie yours is my favourite scam revenge story .

As the owner of a call center business in India in my past life , I feel sorry for the call center agentthat you called as well.
The agents actually talking would just be reading from a script without ever questioning the legality of the whole process.

When I used to search for call center work for my company back in the day , there were many clients like these which used to want to give us work. Offcourse if we agreed to do a 30 day free trial for them before they start paying us.

Being a techie , I knew not to trust them ever and would ignore them . However a new eager business whose owner might not be tech savvy , you could easily get duped. Worst possibly commit a crime.

That being said a business owner who falls for such clients probably deserves every bit of what you did , probably more.

This is brilliant. And thanks for the link to the card number generating site. I can't wait for them to call. Now, if I just had one of those Locky scripts...

I salute the OP, very well done!

Agree, waste as much of these scumbags time so in essence, the more time they are dealing with you the less time they are taking advantage of someone who would fall for these scams.

Scambaiting is a fun game to play for those who are tech savvy.

'Its Lenny' is another great tool to waste these scammers time if you don't have the time, patience or tech to screw around with them.

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Hi Ivan, i read from your OP around the parent-story in a austrian newspaper - Congratulations, i`m 57 years old and working longer time in IT. Happy, that this ass-holes can`t rubbery your parents.
Many regards from Vienna - Austria

Yes Your Story in News Portals Bro Good Work

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I knew of their project as well. I think it's awesome!

This is gold. "I'm old and my sight is not so good" - too funny.

The trouble is if they now connect to remote computers ogfgenuinely gullible people, those other people may get the locky infection.

I was expecting something like reverse shell to those bastards. anywayz, nice tips.

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It was quite difficult to set up a C&C during the phone call!

If only everyone could do this!
Could you provide details so that the average person could revenge these scammers?
Your methods of dealing with these scammers are great, but somewhat hard to follow.
I'm not an IT person, but am adept at 'fixing' most all of my PC issues (I've never had to take a PC to a shop),
but your methods are still beyond me.
Could you provide a script or other instructions so that I could follow your method of scamming the scammers,
without infecting my computer?
Thank You!

ivan's picture

Absolutely not! I'm definitely not giving out tools to perform easy infections, for obvious reasons. If you're not comfortable handling malware, you should stay away from it and devise your own creative way to mess with people.

Nice story.
The samples of Locky I also received were embedded in .doc files.
I don't understand what was inside your .zip file you sent: a .js script and a .png file?
or is this possible to embed a script inside a picture?

ivan's picture

There was no PNG file in the archive. Just a single JS script that was supposed to pass as the photo.

What happened to the scammer before he realised you just sent him the locky ransomware? Did the call drop or did he start screaming? Ahah

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He also have a herbal cure for Following DISEASES.


I can’t believe this has happens in my life...


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